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Pellizzer Antichità Restauro has been in the furniture business for 20 years. Andrea, the owner, started as a restorer at a very young age; with his experience and passion he will advise you on the best.

What we do

Hand carving

Hand carving work on wood is conducted in our workshop for the reconstruction of missing parts and customised carving work. Hand carvings in wood are the expression of an artistic mastery that gives the natural material a timeless beauty. Each carved piece is unique, with intricate details that capture the attention and stimulate the senses. This art form requires patience and dedication, but the result is a masterpiece that testifies to the skill and passion of our company. Hand carvings in wood are appreciated and sought after by collectors, art enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty.

The process of making hand carvings takes time and dedication. The craftsman works with traditional tools such as chisels, gouges and files, giving the wood a unique shape and endless beauty.

What we do

Anti-woodworm treatments

In our workshop, woodworm treatment can be carried out and the furniture restored by sanitising and closing holes. Anti-woodworm treatments are essential to protect wood from pests. These treatments penetrate the material, creating an effective barrier against woodworm and preventing structural damage. Thanks to such treatments, the integrity and longevity of wooden objects such as furniture, floors and beams can be preserved. The choice of safe and effective treatments is essential to ensure the longevity of wood, maintaining its beauty and strength. Relying on experts in the field is recommended for long-lasting results and complete protection against xylophagous insects.

What we do

Furniture restoration

We take care of all stages of restoration, reconstruction of missing parts with old wood from the period, paint stripping, woodworm treatment and hand finishing with shellac. The restoration of antique furniture is an art that requires expertise and attention to detail. By restoring missing and damaged parts, these precious historical pieces are given new life. Our experienced craftsmen work carefully to preserve the authenticity and original aesthetics of the furniture, using traditional techniques and compatible materials. The end result is a restoration that enhances the history and beauty of antique furniture, making it shine like it once did. Relying on qualified professionals is essential to ensure an accurate and lasting restoration that will allow the furniture to shine for many years to come.

What we do

Wood gilding

In our workshop, we restore small parts of gilding or carry out minor gilding work. Small wood gilding jobs add a touch of luxury and refinement to any wooden object. Through the application of thin layers of gold leaf or metallic substances, a bright and shiny effect is created on the wood. This gilding technique can be used to enhance decorative details, frames, mouldings and other ornamental elements. The results are stunning, giving the wood an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Our experienced wood gilding craftsmen know how to bring out the best of the material’s characteristics, creating high-quality gilding effects that make each piece they work on unique.

What we do

Purchase and sale of antique and restored furniture

At Pellizzer Antichità e Restauro you can find authentic historical treasures, such as wardrobes, dressers, desks and chairs, which lend a timeless elegance to interiors. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector allows us to guarantee a personalised and professional experience. We offer expert advice on the selection, purchase and care of antique furniture.

All works are documented by photographs and a certificate of authenticity is issued on request.

What we do

Customised projects

You can turn to our specialised workshop for any work on antique furniture, including restoration, conservation and repairs. Our team of experienced craftsmen is highly skilled in working with antique furniture, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the pieces.

In addition, we also offer the service of making special pieces on commission such as hand-carved frames or small pieces of furniture such as wooden shelves.